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About Us

We are Erin and Tom Harrington.  We started Get Outside Daily Rentals to spend more time together as a family, and to spread the health benefits of bike riding to as many people as possible. 


Mountain biking with others in nature provides many forms of therapy all together in one, slightly dirty, package.  

  • physical exercise

  • controlled rhythmic breath

  • repetitive cyclic motion

  • fellowship with like minded people

  • sunlight and fresh air

  • creating and accomplishing goals

  • trying new activities 

  • understanding self imposed limits

  • reacting / addressing to new obstacles 

We want to help you GET OUTSIDE DAILY! 

Mental Health Services Stats.JPG

1 in 5 Adults ~ 56 Million

~ 22% of adult Americans suffer from diagnosable mental disorders in a given year.  Unfortunately, only about half get any form of professional help.  

13 Million Americans

13 million Americans reported having PTSD in 2020.  Females are twice as likely to suffer from PTSD than males, ~ 8% vs 4% of Americans, respectively.  Military members and first responders are the occupations with highest rates of PTSD.  

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Physical Inactivity Map.JPG

Screen Time & Sedentary Lifestyle 

Average reported screen time usage in US adults is over 6 hrs/ day and syn-pandemic reports topped over 12 hrs/ day of recreational screen time.  Which feeds into sedentary habits and perpetuates the cycle.  1 in 4 adults' health is challenged due to inactivity, Oklahoma and Arkansas being high on the list. 

Feel Good About Yourself!

Surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people, carefully pushing your limits, and accomplishing personal goals are all HUGE BENEFITS TO THE HUMAN PSYCHE!  Add in sunlight, fresh air, and exercise and you've got God's ultimate gift,  natural anti-depressant/ anti- anxiety medication! 

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